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Best Whorehouses in Madrid


I leave a link to a list of the best whorehouses in Madrid. In Spain is not a crime paying for having sex (you won't go to jail). 

Brothels in Madrid

Here you have information about location, prices and experiences of other club visitors

viernes, 2 de enero de 2009

Whorehouses, men's clubs, brothels in Alicante, Benidorm, Denia, Alfaz del Pi

Below I attach a list of nightclubs, whorehouses and brothels in the Alicante area (Alicante, Denia, Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi), the white coast zone, in the mediterranean coast of Spain. There you will find information related with prices, user reviews, girs information, etc.

  1. Whorehouse GLAMOUR CITAS in Alicante

  2. Whorehouse PIPO´S in Cox

  3. Whorehouse CLUB PINAR in Pedreguer

  4. Whorehouse TRES MIL in Finestrat

  5. Whorehouse SKALA in Torrevieja

  6. Whorehouse CITAS LUCIA in Alicante

  7. Whorehouse LAS PALMERAS in Elche

  8. Whorehouse PIPO´´S in Cox

  9. Whorehouse LA TROCHA in El Vergel

  10. Whorehouse NUEVO MÓNACO in Orihuela

  11. Whorehouse CAMELOT in Alfaz del Pí

  12. Whorehouse THIFANY in Cox

  13. Whorehouse CLUB NANCY in Guardamar

  14. Whorehouse D´ANGELO PALACE in Alicante

  15. Whorehouse SAN BRASIL in Alfaz del Pí

  16. Whorehouse NIGTH MOON in Villena

  17. Whorehouse CLUB MADAMS in Albatera

  18. Whorehouse ENIGMA in Alcoi

  19. Whorehouse EL CASTILLO in Rebolledo

  20. Whorehouse MADAME´S in Alicante

  21. Whorehouse BLUE STAR in Santa pola

  22. Whorehouse MESALINA in Finestrat


  24. Whorehouse AMOR in Alfaz del Pí

  25. Whorehouse MENGOPESOL in Dehesa de Campoamor

  26. Whorehouse BUNNY BERLIN in L´Alfas del Pi

List of links to Spanish Whorehouses, nightclubs, mensclub

These is a list of the different provinces in Spain. If you are planning to travel to Spain and practice some Tourism, just click on the province and you will get a list of brothels in Spain.

List of Spanish Whorehouses in Madrid (Spain)

Here you have a list of links to different whorehouses sin Madrid, one of the cities with more party in Spain. Inside the links you will find information about each stripclub such as prices, girls, etc...

  1. Whorehouse TELEMENSAJE S.A. in Madrid

  2. Whorehouse CUORE GIRLS & COPAS in Madrid

  3. Whorehouse FLOWERS in Torrelodones

  4. Whorehouse HOT in Madrid

  5. Whorehouse AL BORAK in Madrid

  6. Whorehouse CLUB EL CISNE in Parla

  7. Whorehouse VIVE MADRID in Madrid

  8. Whorehouse LIBORIA DE DIOS MIGUEL in Coslada

  9. Whorehouse MICHELANGELO in Madrid

  10. Whorehouse HOTEL CLUB PLAZA EL MIRADOR in Pedrezuela

  11. Whorehouse CINOMORON in Arganda del Rey

  12. Whorehouse BARONET in Madrid

  13. Whorehouse LA CABAÑA in Collado Villalba

  14. Whorehouse CARLOS GARRIDO GONZALEZ in Madrid

  15. Whorehouse D'ANGELO in Madrid

  16. Whorehouse VARADERO in Navas del Rey

  17. Whorehouse LA MANZANA in Alcala de Henares

  18. Whorehouse COCKTAIL BAR MEDEA in Madrid

  19. Whorehouse CLUB BOMBÓN in Carabanchel

  20. Whorehouse WISKERIA GEMINIS in Madrid

  21. Whorehouse NEW GIRLS CABARETS in Madrid

  22. Whorehouse LAYDOWN in Madrid

  23. Whorehouse KAPRY in Madrid

  24. Whorehouse HAWAII in Madrid

  25. Whorehouse EL TROVADOR in Madrid

  26. Whorehouse ELEFANTE BLANCO in Madrid

  27. Whorehouse LA CÁBALA in Madrid

  28. Whorehouse CAPOTE in Madrid

  29. Whorehouse ANTOLOGIA PUB in Madrid

miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

Spanish Whorehouses

Hi guys, this is my personal blog about the Best Spanish Whorehouses. Here I will post my experiences about whorehousing. I live in Spain and I like going to night clubs.

Here I leave a cool link of a guide of whorehouses, brothels and Hookers in Spain.

Have Fun!!